Background Search

The State maintains a Centralized Confidential Database that contains information about child abuse and neglect investigations conducted by Maryland State departments of social services. The State searches the database when:

  • An individual completes a notarized Child Protective Services Background Clearance Form and requests that the department complete a search. This request is most often done for verification of the absence of any history that would preclude a person from working with or caring for children.
  • The court requests a search by providing a court order requiring the department to release information.
  • If an individual wants to be considered by another state’s department of social services to become a foster or adoptive parent in their state and that person has lived in Maryland in the past. This is often referred to as an “Adam Walsh check“.

Background Clearance Form

Youth/Summer Camp Employees/Volunteers

All background clearance requests for youth camp employees must be submitted electronically through the myDHR web platform. Please use the instructions below to complete your clearance request.

Other Individuals

All other individuals requiring a Child Protective Services Background Search must complete a Child Protective Services Background Clearance Form (DHR/SSA 1279A) by following these instructions explaining where to send the form.