February 2015

On February 10th, the ICH held our 3rd meeting. During this meeting we took the opportunity to work in small groups to consider and discuss the Homeless Services framework. ICH members and those in the audience were brought together into small groups to focus in on the following 4 goals from the framework:

  • Create more affordable and supportive housing options statewide
  • Create a comprehensive discharge planning process for homeless clients being released from medical facilities
  • Create more “low barrier” options across the state for clients seeking emergency shelter or transitional housing
  • Develop a plan to temporarily subsidize the difference between income and cost of housing

Groups considered the following 4 questions related to the goals:

  • How do you define success for this goal?
  • What are some challenges we may encounter that might hinder success toward this goal? What are ways we can address these challenges now?
  • Who are some of our usual and “unusual” partners we can bring in to help us achieve success towards this goal?
  • What unique contribution can I provided to ensure we successfully meet this goal over the next year?

It was an excellent meeting and we invite you to join us for our next meeting in April.

Meeting Documents