Are You in Need of Services?

Continuum of Care Locations

These organizations in the map below are the leaders of the homeless services Continuum of Care (CoC). Contact your nearest CoC for assistance in finding available services.

If you are experiencing a Domestic Violence or trafficking situation, please find local support services in your area here. If you are a survivor or rape or sexual assault, you can find support services in your local area here.

Maryland Community Services Locator

If you are at risk of becoming homeless and need help with eviction prevention, food pantry assistance, help paying utility bill or need help communicating with your landlord, there are services available to you.  To search for services, you can being by using the Maryland Community Services Locator.  This resource will tell you of all services in the surrounding area or throughout the entire county if needed, complete with a map so you know how to get there.

Maryland 2-1-1

Another option is to call Maryland 2-1-1. You can call toll free from any phone.  Call specialists are trained to assist people faced with housing needs, utility shutoffs, family crisis, financial, legal, employment and other issues.  The database has information about nearly 5,000 agencies providing services statewide.   For more information, please visit

Transitional Housing Directory

You can also look through DHR’s Transitional Housing Directory. This directory lists many of the emergency shelters and transitional housing sites throughout the state. It is not as comprehensive as the Maryland Community Services Locator, but it does offer a bit more information about  the types of services provided.